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How do we

re-Imagine a

better world?


Re-imagining a better world is not impossible, as a survivor, we have a duty that once we are free, we are not silent. We must continue to understand that with our unique lived experiences, we can change the world. Vanessa believes through her own lived experiences; we can re-imagine a better world together. 
To be open to listening, to learning is to be open to love and justice. We must liberate our families, communities, business and organisations. Being silent is a choice, choosing to show up is power to each other. It’s the greatest choice we can make. 

Vanessa Turnbull-Roberts is a proud Bundjalung Widubul-Wiabul Woman who is a Human Rights advocate, author, writer and has acquired a Law and Social work degree whilst completing her First-class honour thesis at the University of New South Wales.


Vanessa is a survivor of Out of Home Care who was forcibly removed at the age of 10.5 from her family. Understanding the history, the pain and the truth, Vanessa uses her experience and truth to share with people the importance of human rights, children’s rights and creating a better world. Vanessa was removed by the department and uses her survival experiences and truth to navigate change. Vanessa’s critical thinking, speaking, and consultancy allows for a new perspective of inspiration and action. Vanessa’s motivation to studying law and social work was driven by the disproportionate impact of the law in her very own community growing up. Vanessa has witnessed and experienced, pain, harm and the implications of trauma, however whilst facing all of this, she has witnesses and liberated into the power of generational strength and healing. 

Vanessa is also a recipient of the Australian Human Rights Medal, awarded by the Australian Human Rights Commissioner, in 2019 where her acceptance speech gained global recognition and response. She has also been named as one of 10 Changemakers standing and showing up for a better future by Women’s Agenda and selected in the Power Generation: emerging Indigenous leaders on overcoming adversity.

Aboriginal Style Dot Painting


A Fulbright Scholar, regular media commentator, Vanessa is committed to making this world a more just and better place for the lives of Indigenous people.


Vanessa is an activist, lawyer, writer and a researcher at the University of Technology dedicating her work to decolonisation and empowering Indigenous self-determination and Justice for First Nations people and children both in Australia and globally.


She is also currently writing her first book Long Yarn Shot which tells her story, and identifies the history of Australia, whilst inviting the people to come and learn together.

Vanessa regularly leads protests, and ensures the messaging and voices of Black Lives Matter are amplified. She continues to commit her work to end discrimination and, ensure the rights of Indigenous people are heard. Vanessa actively shares the power of intersectionality and recognises the importance of gender and diversity, Indigenous People, and Human Rights. Vanessa has represented Australia on the international scale, where she was asked to attend Lebanon for the global convention and human rights.

Vanessa has spoken at a variety of events, including After-Hours hosted by the NSW Art Gallery, All About Women at the Sydney Opera House, The Sydney Writers Festival, Ngalu Warrawi (We Stand Strong) Australian Museum and others. In these presentations, Vanessa invites audiences to engage with truth-telling as she demonstrates her love for humanity, how we come together, how we can show up and re-imagine a better world with practice.


Vanessa Turnbull-Roberts, winner of the 2019 Human Rights Medal

Art After Hours Online: Blak Douglas and Vanessa Turnbull-Roberts in conversation with Yumi Stynes

Vanessa Turnbull-Roberts - Forced removals are still impacting the Indigenous community

Out of the Box Podcast


Vanessa has written for the Guardian, Indigenous X, Junkie, and Victoria’s Women Trust. She is a regular media contributor and advisor to different political parties regarding issues affecting Indigenous people and Children. 

Please see writing publications below for more information 

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How do we re-Imagine a better world?

It is even possible? In this presentation Vanessa Turnbull-Roberts, a proud Bundjalung Widubul-Wiabul woman, invites audiences to learn how to do this, and how to show up. Vanessa stresses that the onus is on us to demand change and that we have a responsibility and must not choose silence’. Vanessa Turnbull-Roberts is known, for bringing the people together, where she brings thousands in numbers for protest, influences a whole room when she speaks, and continues to demonstrate what leadership really means, and how do we create a better world.

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bringing the people together...

Key Takeaways: 

  • You will be equipped with the skills and knowledge to identify ways to support the rights and wellbeing of First Nations people 

  • The audience will walk away with resilience, strength and inspiration, listening and learning with a survivor who has done all she can to be in this very position. 

  • Recognise your contribution, and understand ways in which your organisation, company and community can gain greater knowledge and insight into re-imaging a better world that places values, ethics and justice at the frontline for change. 

  • Have the opportunity to listen and share with an individual who has both lived and professional experience and qualifications. 

  • The rights and wellbeing of children’s rights, Indigenous rights and human rights.

  • Motivated to create and practice a better world in your everyday life. Understanding that our skill sets are all unique, but together play a crucial role to demanding justice. 

Who this is for:

  • Educators

  • Organisations / companies with social and corporate responsibility ethics and those wanting to identify ways to improve their workplace with ethical values and standards

  • Human Rights Events and Organisation

  • Organisations looking to centre Indigenous / First Nations Voices and perspectives on the History of Australia, the impact of history and understanding truth-telling. 

  • Future women and intersectional events 

  • Organisations looking for intersectional perspectives on Diversity and Inclusion, Cultural Competency and building safe spaces for First Nations, LGBTQIA+ and other underrepresented groups.

Key Themes:

Politics, Key Notes, advocacy, speaking engagements, social and corporate responsibility  engagement. 


For enquiries about speaking engagements, consultancy, events, or press opportunities please complete the enquiry form below.

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